Audit Representation

When up against a trained IRS tax auditor, a taxpayer is at a distinct disadvantage if they're on their own. We can level the playing field by representing you in front of the IRS.
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Even if you feel confident that you've paid your taxes accurately and are not at fault, the auditor may have a trick up his sleeve. IRS auditors are trained to encourage taxpayers to divulge more financial information than is legally required so they can find reasons to collect more of their hard-earned money. Don't let this happen to you! The average taxpayer is no match for an IRS auditor. Instead, contact us for assistance with your tax audit, and we'll make sure you get fair representation and the best possible outcome at your audit.

Audit Representation

Not all tax accountants adequately represent real estate professionals when defending an IRS audit. Some CPAs or accountants dabble in tax resolution and may work on a few audits a year but don't possess the experience and expertise needed to navigate your particular case successfully.

At MJ Tax Relief Group, we specialize in all forms of tax problem resolution, emphasizing IRS audit representation. As a result, we know how to deal with the IRS. As a result, we've helped many taxpayers get through an IRS audit with minimal financial consequences. And if you do end up owing back taxes, we can find ways to reduce tax penalties, and arrange for an affordable payment plan like an installment agreement.

Have You Received an Audit Notice?

If the IRS has flagged you for an audit, you might be wondering why you're being audited and aren't sure what to expect. When you enlist our assistance, we'll be by your side throughout the process to answer questions and resolve any tax problems quickly. So, call us now at (706) 507-2481.

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